What’s interesting on TV right now? AOTS and Heroes

Apart from my usual dose of Jimmy Newtron, Star Trek: TNG, Avatar, Modern Marvel, Trival Life just to name a few it seems I have found two new shows to like. One might be liked for only a week while the other is a new show that just started and I’m not sure how long it will be running for.

Attack of the Show: Tokyo 06

Ok I will admit that the first thing that caught my eye in this program was the fine co-host Olivia Munn and then the second thing was that they would be in Tokyo for the entire week filming their program. I watched the first episode last night which was shot in the Shibuya district of Tokyo and I took the oportunity to just gaze in awe at the TV screen while imagining myself there one day…yes truly thats what I did 90 percent of the time. Shibuya is awesome and now I want to read more about it as well as learn about the other sections of Tokyo so I will be watching all week. Will I still be watching when they get back state side…doubt it. Check it out though if you can weeknights 9pm for me on G4TV.

Heroes is an epic drama that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities.

As a total eclipse casts its shadow across the globe, a genetics professor in India is led by father’s disappearance to uncover a secret theory — there are people with super powers living among us. A young dreamer tries to convince his politician brother that he can fly. A high school cheerleader learns that she is totally indestructible. A Las Vegas stripper, struggling to make ends meet to support her young son, discovers that her mirror image has a secret. A fugitive from justice continues to baffle authorities who twice have been unable to contain him. A gifted artist, whose drug addiction is destroying his life and relationship with his girlfriend, can paint the future. A down-on-his-luck Los Angeles beat cop can hear people’s thoughts, which puts him on the trail of an elusive serial killer. In Japan, a young man develops a way to stop time through sheer will power. Their ultimate destiny is nothing less than saving the world

Yes I know I am biased so right off the bat my favourite character is Hiro Nakamura becasue I think he has the coolest “ability” so far. I have only seen one episode though and it is only on Mondays at 8pm on NBC. Do you like sci-fi, fantasy, comics etc? then you should check out Heroes.

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4 thoughts on “What’s interesting on TV right now? AOTS and Heroes

  1. Havent watched the show as yet but it sounds interesting. It looks sorta like Xmen in some ways but hopefully its even more better and more exciting.

  2. All these end-of-the-world scenarios are popular. I just started watching a show called Jericho about a nuclear Holocaust in the US

  3. Heroes….. That does seem like a interesting show. That may just reach my weekly download regiment. Thanks for the heads up

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