Normal Classes Restarted – One Year of Studying Japanese

Yesterday was the first day of classes. I can’t believe that it has been one year since I first signed up for Japanese classes. Class yesterday was great and as usual I am rusty because I have not even looked at any of my Japanese books since my last summer school class two weeks ago. Tomoko sensei was early as usual and I was the first to arrive after her. Soon after my one of my classmates Farah arrived but my other classmate Chanan was no where to be found. About half way through class we were joined by a new person, Catherine who to my understanding started to study with Tomoko sensei s few years back but had to stop when she went abroad to college. She is now back and she joined into out revision with not too many hic-ips.

I got a brand new dictionary from Tomoko sensei for free and my head has been stuck in it every chance I get since.

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First day was good and though a bit rusty we all warmed up well for the new term and I think I am ready to re-focus on my task of better understanding Japanese. I will soon start to slowly integrate more and more entries partially written in Japanese in the coming months and hopefully by next February (the aniversary of the starting of my blog) all entries will have partial Japanese content or will all be written in Japanese.

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