Watchmen was not as Bad as I was told

It opened a week later than the states on my little island but yesterday after work I went to see the first showing of the highly anticipated and talked about movie Watchmen at the theater. As expected it was there was a huge crowd but through some inside connections I got my ticket without too much trouble :D. I had never read the Watchmen comic but I browsed through after watching the movie. Watchmen was longer than I thought it would be which was kind of good but how was the movie? Did it live up to the hype?

The Plot

It’s the mid 1980’s and the Cold War is at it’s peak, the world is at the mercy of feuding nuclear armed super powers. Up to a few years ago super heroes existed and a former group of super heroes and friends are the main ingredient in the story. Only one “hero” from the group actually has super powers, the result of an experiment gone wrong and with age or the past catching up with the other members the world is a really awful place to live and death could come tomorrow. Rorschach is one member of the group who refused to give up his super hero persona and is the first to grow suspicious pf an unexplained murder and that is were a story of love, deception and a battle for the survival of mankind begins.

Doctor Manhattan

Why I think I like it

I got a lot of mixed reviews from friends who saw the film before me with slightly more negative feedback so I was extra interested in seeing the film for myself. Watchmen isn’t you typical super hero flick but I did expect to be a bit darker and grittier than it actually was. The few gritty scenes didn’t have the desired effect. I did like the casting and the atmosphere of the film, the story was also decent minus the generic love story. My favourite character would be a tossup between The Comedian and Ozymandias. The former being the raging anti-hero you wouldn’t want to come to your rescue and the later being a new age geek role model who walks the fine line between self confidence and arrogance.


Star Trek, Tranformers, Wolverine are some of the other highly anticipated movies on my list this year and I am glad to get Watchmen off the list and even more delighted it wasn’t a dissapointing flop. Have you seen Watchmen Yet? What did you think of the film?