Katakana Natto Challenge Lost

I boldly challenged Chris when he jokingly tweeted an open Katakana study challenge on iKnow (now Smart.fm). Unfortunately I came up just short and one of the first things I will have to do when I eventually make it to Japan is eat Natto. I am a very picky eater and although I’m a Japan enthusiast but I’ve never even eaten sushi! much less something with a “powerful smell, strong flavor, and sticky consistency.”

So close but so far

I did enjoy and benefit from the challenge though as I don’t think I would have been so close to finishing the katakana list on Smart.fm and I am more motivated now to study although Smart.fm did have some problems and outages when they rebranded from iKnow.

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Congrats again Chris! Be sure to visit his blog at Nihongonotes.com where he blogs about his experiences in Japan on a 1 year working holiday.

Are you a Smart.fm user? If so add me as a friend! If not sign up now it’s free.


14 thoughts on “Katakana Natto Challenge Lost

  1. Yea, I agree with Carlie. Challenges can be very motivating, especially when a lot of people know about said challenge.

    @Jamaipanese, when you get a webcam, I think you should order some Natto from an online retailer. One of your first videos can be the climax to the Natto challenge. I think AsianFoodGrocer.com could be your source. [smile]

  2. @ Louis, hahahaha I see you’re trying to expedite my demise! Checked out the site, too bad Natto is frozen goods and there is no way it would get to Jamaican in 2 days :P. Plus the shipping coast are a unbelievable.

  3. by the way, 7 years a japan and natto nevva even as much as touch my mout. natto? nat a raus! that shit is nasty. spinach has the same elements as natto.

    let me know what you think of the book cover, the marriage between the jamaican and japanese flag.

  4. Eurgh! I would never risk my physical and mental wellbeing against natto :P But seriously, I like the idea of challenging each other to help improve our language knowledge.

    Natto is like marmite, you either love it or hate it. [eek]

  5. I just had a nice Easter dinner…. Chinese food.. Was looking forward to it all day, now im stuffed….

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