Usain Bolt delivers 100m Gold again amid doubts

The 100m at the ongoing World Championships in Berlin like all major atheletics events is the headliner event. In 2015 it has taken on added significance as pundits christened as a “Battle to save the sport” and a “Fight between good and evil”. The evil in this case being Justin Gatlin – a two-time drug cheat running the times of his life at an age when many former sprinters  declined and the good being Usain Bolt – the fastest man alive with enough titles that if listed would be long enough to be a blog post within its own.


As is almost always the case the big man (aptly named Saint Leo) delivered and turned away the evil overshadowing sprinting with 100th of a second to spare. Almost every sprinting “analyst”; professional or otherwise via print, video, radio and social media predicted to doom for The Honourable Usain Bolt, OJ, CD. However, as great people do he rose above the naysayers, and the rivals clipping at his heels, to cement his status as a global icon and LEGEND.

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