Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F coming to Jamaica

I might have been the last anime geek in Jamaica to find out but its been confirmed that Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F is coming to local theatres at the end of August.This is a HUGE deal here in Jamaica as there are often important movie releases that never get to our shores. For anime to be shown here is almost unbelievable; I guess that’s the global star power of the Dragon ball franchise and the belief that there are enough rabid fanboys (and fangirls) like me who will flood theatre (probably more than once) to watch some epic anime action, and shed tears of joy, while reveling in the nostalgia

If you haven’t seen the trailer check it out now and join me as I descend upon a local theatre on opening night to watch Goku and company thwart Master Freiza on the biggest screen I’ve ever watched anime on. I’ll be that guy shooting ka-me-ha-me-has at the screen, at your popcorn, at your seat, at your face. My body is ready…


One thought on “Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F coming to Jamaica

  1. Great movie, an even better event. As an older anime lover I was fortunate enough to see several of them, Akira, Fist of the North Star, etc, on a big screen. Seeing Dragonball in 3D was even better.

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