Transformers – oh my gosh it didn’t suck

Last night I enjoyed my best experience at the movies in recent memory. That great experience was watching the movie Transformers. I must admit that I was one of the skeptics and I went into the movie expecting to poorly written watered down flick, I was so wrong because Transformers was a great movie with edge of your seat action, excellent voice acting that had my whispering “I live to serve you lord Megatron” under my breath. The movie was released in Jamaican theaters one week after the American release date and then I had to wait an extra couple days so I could watch it friends from the Area 51 game arcade.


There were some really cool scenes in the movie some of my favourite being the fight between Megatron and Optimus Prime, Starscream’s entrance and scenes featuring the F-22’s (yes I screamed like a cheerleader). If for some reason anyone still hasn’t seen this movie it is a must watch from anyone, not only Transformers fans. I leave you with my favourite quote and a image of a true villain.

Sam ‘Spike’ Witwicky: “It’s a robot. You know, like a super advanced robot. It’s probably Japanese.
All Hail Lord Megatron!!!!!

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