E3 2007 the future of gaming looks bright


E3 2007 has come and gone and even with it’s changes which were more than just a change in location I still think this year’s E3 was a great one. There were lots and lots of games shown off, most of which many had already known about and a few that were all new. Below are the list of the games I am anticipating and the platforms they will be on, for the games that are on multiply platforms the one it is listed on is the platform I will most likely play it on.

Xbox 360

Dark Dector
Resident Evil 5
Halo 3

Playstation 3

Assasins Creed


Metroid Prime 3
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Super Mario Sunshine
MarioKart wii


The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Contra 4
Drawn to Life

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Age of Conan
Starcraft 2

Of all the games listed I have to say that my most anticipated is not from Nintendo and is actually a PS3 exclusive. LittleBigPlanet looks as though it will be an excellent that will be fun and exciting to play and I cannot wait to experience that.