Tokyo Game Show 2010 Cosplay

New video games are nice and although Tokyo Game Show is held once a year to showoff the latest and best from most Japanese gaming companies I like to look out for more than just the video games. So stop watching that new Last Guardian Trailer and pick up your lower jaws that fell while watching the Vanquish story video.

balls, feathers and leaves - who knew these could make such great hair ornaments

Cosplay is where a big chuck of the action takes place and cosplayers from all over Japan coverage on TGS to show-off their creations, I have decided to show a few of them again this year after posting my favourites over the years from 2007, 2008 and 2009, scroll below for some TGS 2010 cosplaying goodness.

dont look too long, your eyeballs will melt due to a cuteness overload
*holds up sign* "Kick me Please"

Dante? is that you? Oohz knowz whatz happened?

Snake is now promoting healthy foods - eaten a banana lately?
breast implants done wrong! the stitches are showing! Let me check if they are ok.
Auron-san? o-genki desu ka?
really love this costume and pose
O_o - 0_0 - o_O
Lots of awesome cosplay from TGS 2010!

Photo sources – Kotaku and

BONUS – Gallery of Photos from TGS 2010 show floor via ljinto