Tokyo Game Show 2008 Cosplay

Just like at Tokyo Game Show 2007 the cosplayers were out and about at Tokyo Game Show 2008 in all kinds of costumes representing their favourite video game and anime characters. Also just like last year I am still thousands of miles away but still believing that one day I will attend one of these shows and be in the middle of the action and not only able to view pictures and videos from far away. Check out some of the images and links below.

You can look forward to more Tokyo Game Show 2008 cosplay images in the Cosplay section of the Gallery.

Images Sources and More TGS 2008 Cosplaying Images

Tokyo Game Show 2008 Cosplay
A Dressed-Up Stroll Down TGS Cosplay Alley
Tokyo Game Show 2008 Cosplayer Photos
TGS 2008: Running the cosplay gauntlet