The New Joost – failed to redefine television

Long time readers of my blog can remember my initial infatuation with Joost, but then I just lost interest because I pretty much watched all the programs that interested me within the first few days and got sick on the advertisements and download requirement when moving to different computers. I reviewed Joost and gave away beta invitations a year and a half ago and also blogged about when it became open to everyone in May 2007. Since then however I didn’t have a clue what was going on with Joost other than the occasional email I was sent to inform me of updates to the software or new programming…all of which I ignored.

Well a different kind of email notice came in to day informing me that Joost is now web-based and now requires no download.

I surfed into the site to see it remade with lots of new features mainly social elements, but the site was buggy and pissed me off already because i have to watch an ad almost every time I tried to play a video. Sorry Joost, our separation is close to becoming permanent.

Joost Reboots, But Is It Too Late?


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