Thundercats Anime official image released

Just over six months ago, news broke that Thundercats – a popular 1980’s cartoon was getting an anime-style revamp in 2011 and it will be shown on Cartoon Network. I was a massive fan of the original Thundercats while growing up, it was one of the many weekday afternoon cartoons that were shown on Jamaican television in the 1990’s just in time for when kids came home from school.

Lion-O, Panthro, Tygra, and Cheetara

A new official image featuring the main characters from Thundercats was released today and I must say I cant wait to see them animated. Lion-O, Panthro, Tygra, and Cheetara look decent but Panthro looks like he is my favourite so far – I can only imagine how other characters like Mumm Ra and vehicles like the Thunder Tank will look, ooh and dont forget about snarf!

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Update – Trailer added

Do you like the character designs for the new Thundercats anime?

Via – MTV Splash Page | Bleeding Cool | Entertainment Weekly


11 thoughts on “Thundercats Anime official image released

  1. I like their outfits…but not sure about the character designs, especially for Panthro.

    1. I’m not feeling Panthro either we all know the anime character designs brute strength, speed and or agility, technique and usually a master who has all of them it seems they putting Panthro in the Brute Strength category he was never brute strength he was the technique and intelligence he was the brains behind most of their technology other wise from that I hope its lives up to expectations this was also one of my favorites.

  2. I have to see it motion before I can say anything. But in comparison to the original it’s.. a lot more cartoony..

    Also, where the scabbard for the sword?

    1. The Sword Of Omens never had a scarab but it use to be placed in this combat like glove that he use to have otherwise from that out of combat it use to be on its stand or whatever they call what people rest their swords.

  3. Well so far what is missing are some of the main characters Snarf, Wiley Kit and Wiley Kat the cartoon was great so I think the anime should be even better.

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