Thundercats Anime series due in 2011

Cartoon Network used to be my only source of anime, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, Endless Waltz and few other anime series and movies that I saw was due to them airing on that channel. It’s been years since I tuned into Cartoon network though, maybe I have outgrown the channel, maybe my interests have changed or maybe it’s cesspool of crappy cartoons it has become. I may have a reason to fall in love with Cartoon Network again with the news that an anime style Thundercats series is set to debut next year.

Next to Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Captain Planet, Silver Hawks and a few other action/fantasy 80’s cartoons that are from the 80’s but aired in the early-mid 90’s on Jamaican television Thundercats instantly refreshes memories of an 11 year old Jamaipanese with a cape made of a sheet singing [screaming] the opening theme while rocking out on his air guitar. “Tunda Puss” as it was affectionately called by me and friends is a childhood gem. Never heard of the Thundercats? – I’m tempted to add your name to my hit-list, so try to save yourself by watching a two minute Thundercat lesson embedded below.

The Thundercats anime will be handled by Japanese animation studio Studio 4°C via Warner Bros Animation. You might know Studio 4°C from creations such as Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knight – the also have experience making animations for video games, music videos and commercials. They better not mess this up or heads will roll, now excuse me while I annoy my younger sister by singing the classic Thundercats opening theme in her ear. Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats – HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Via – MTV Splash Page | ANN