Thank you for the Postcard Lina!

Lina is a blogging pal of mine and her blog is called Urutora no hi. She is from Malaysia, shares me interest in Japan and is very pround of her “Japan Mad Family”. They were fortunate enough to visit Japan recently and I enjoyed reading their blog posts about their time there. Lina blogs about various other topics such as her Ultraman addiction and everyday life experiences.

Thank you Lina for the Ultraman postcard, I like it very much and I have added it to my box of goodies and gifts straight from Japan. If any of my readers are from Japan, visited Japan or will be visiting Japan and would like to send me a gift feel free to contact me for my address and any other details. So that brings the tally to two blogging friends that I need to send an item from Jamaica to – Lina and Contamination.

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7 thoughts on “Thank you for the Postcard Lina!

  1. Hi Keli, it’s Weronika. Wow, you’re going to Japan? Cool, so happy for you :D Very nice card!

  2. @ Olivia…i sure will!

    @…Lina…thanks again…I’ll have to send you son something as well!

    @ Weronika…no unfortunately I will not be going to Japan just yet

  3. glad you like it. Had to wrestle the card from my son as he thought the card was for his collection!

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