I’ll be taking my first trip overseas in June

It sucks that it will not be a trip to Japan but I look at this an important first step to realizing my aim of visiting Japan. As plans are now I will be in the United States in June. I’ll be arriving in New Jersey and staying in the tristate area while trying to squeeze short visits to various friends and family members (my fathers side of the family) into my 4 week trip, there are chances I might be taking a fishing trip with an older brother I have yet to meet and only found out about 2 years ago all the way down south in Miami. I am really looking forward to that as I will get the opportunity to pass through various states and snap away with my camera, just hope while taking pictures of everything I’ll be seen as an excited tourist and not acquiring intelligence for a terrorist attack :P.

Uncle Sam! the first idea for an image to accompany this post ^_^

Speaking of terrorist attacks; my first plans for a trip to the states fell apart in 2002 because of the 9/11 attacks the year before. Baring any unforeseen events I should arrive in the states between May 29 and June 2nd and leave on the 29th or 30th depending on how my flights work out. Not sure how this will affect my blogging but knowing me I’ll be drafting up a couple posts to post in absence and at least checking on my blog and responding to messages.


14 thoughts on “I’ll be taking my first trip overseas in June

  1. Yay! That means ur coming my way ^_^

    As u know I will be home in May but Im not telling u which days hehehehe

  2. I haven’t been back in my homeland for…. about 4 years now. You think Uncle Sam misses me??!?!?!? NAH!!!!!!! :D

  3. i hope u don’t end up on American….cheapies; not great for a first fly that’s for sure.
    be sure to smile at border security’s cam….oh and i almost forgot, remember the fingerprint deception training i gave, oh and have fun too.

  4. Hope you have fun while you’re there. Be sure to ask your family about the best places to visit, they should know ^^.

  5. Well, if you make your way into Manhattan, you should be able to have some excellent Japanese food (as far as Japanese food outside Japan goes). Are there any decent Japanese restaurants in Jamaica?

  6. @ Lilly…you better tell me!

    @ marketting, CS, AS and Justin…who knows, maybe someday we;ll meet up!

    lol @ Yatta and Kurt

    @ betshopboy…i sure hope so!

    @ Billy…there are many Japanese restaurants in Jamaica…some better than others.

  7. You should check California out.The Japanese population is a relatively large one in Cali.Nonetheless,enjoy the Garden State when you visit in June. RESEPECT star!!

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