TGS 2007 has ended

As expected the 2007 staging of the Tokyo Game Show was a resounding success with almost 200, 000 people passing through the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex in Chiba City Japan. There were so many games, so many trailers, so many announcements I cannot begin to start to go through them all, but, Ill run through some of the important ones.


Dual Shocking PS3

Sony has finally confirmed and showed off the new Dual Shock controllers for the Playstation 3. Personally I am disappointed with the current PS3 controller, its light, it looks bland and feels cheap so a hopefully heavier and sturdier Dual Shock controller is very welcomed.

Nintendo Where Arth Thou?

Not really surprising news as Nintendo has never been a huge supporter of TGS but after they used the show to show off the motion sensing controller for the then officially unnamed Wii console in 2005 some people were expecting a surprise from Nintendo seeing that they are riding high with their dual pronged DS and Wii attack (on gamers wallets).

TGS 2007 = Trailerific

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How will I ever be able to chose just three of the hundreds of trailers released recommend that you guys watch? Well go with one from each major platform, The Sony PS3 by far was the most represented console at the show, everyone knows that TGS is Sony territory but the one trailer that stood out to me on the PS3 was the one for Metal Gear Online, if it play anything like how it looks it will definitely be a hit plus the last few seconds of the trailer will have you in stitches. Dante has not really jumped ship but Capcom has spread the Devil May Cry loving over to the Xbox 360 as well and gives us an all new over the top badass to play with named Nero. The Wii gets crazy with a wacky light saber wielding wrestler in No More Heroes. Now to the platform whose sales show no sign of ever slowing down, the Nintendo DS is the only platform that you can continue the fight on in Dragon Quest IV.

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  1. Also, Metal Slug 7 is DS exclusive now, but looks quite disappointing, IMO. Contra 4 is looking to be the better shooter.

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