Jamaipanese.com 3.0, What do you think?

Version 2.0 of Jamaipanese.com only lasted 6 weeks because it took forever to load, had a few coding glitches and was intended to be a temporary fix for display issues I was having in Internet Explorer. I have spent over 3 days working on and customizing this new theme for my blog and I am happy with the result, although there will be minor touch-ups here and there every now and again.

I started with the SFX skin for Nucleus CMS and I customized the colours, fonts, columns, header and more into what it is now. I have also added a new smilie plugin to put a little more life into certain posts, they look cute and otakuish (no thats not a word) and cute.

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So there you have it, three columns, faster load times, simple/clean layout and super cute smilies. What do you think?


15 thoughts on “Jamaipanese.com 3.0, What do you think?

  1. mmmmmm??? i like, but took a tad bit more to load. So when do i start receiving lessons from you and fiyah. You got my email address man. plus i was elevated on taylor site …don’t want to let him down. zeen

  2. i dunno why but the old one grew on me.. but this loads faster so more power to it. the smilies i want.. bartergeek has got a very good pack however i have had trouble finding them.. .. I’m gonna end up making my own smilie pack i guess.

  3. I like it! It’s clean and looks pretty pro imo. Obviously I’m biased to the 3-column (2 right sidebars) :P definetly looks good ^_^

  4. The three columns are a bit strange. Three-column layouts generally have the content in the middle, so it looks a little lop-sided to me.

    That’s my first impression, anyway. I’ll see if I get used to it.

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