Sunshine Girls finish third in World Netball Championships

The roses of England bloomed for six days then finally wilted in the heat of the Sunshine Girls

That was how the opening sentence of Suzanne McFadden’s well written post game coverage written in the New Zealand Herald. The Sunshine Girls after making it to the Semis we beaten by New Zealand but out shined England to take third place in World Netball Champions. In finishing third they lived up to their ranking on 3rd in the world. Well done girls you have made me and the entire Jamaica proud.

Editorial cartoon in today’s Jamaica Observer Newspaper

Both Jamaica and England maintained their world ranking from the last WNC held in Kingston four years ago. Incidentally, England beat Jamaica 53-52 to win the bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia, last year…Read more from the Jamaica Observer

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Despite millions of dollars and four years of preparation, England failed to live up to their own expectations at these world netball championships – the year they predicted the crown would be theirs…read more from the New Zealand Herald


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