Shaggy Intoxication Album and Bonafide Girl Video

Local and International entertainment news overflowing the news on Shaggy and his new album to be released on November 13th.


Shaggy is a good entertainer and I’ve always preferred cheerful “gyall tunes” (as we’d say in Jamaica) than the negative, profanity laden, violent rubbish that the Jamaica music industry bit spitting out by the hundreds lately. Had to take the time to big up the positive. Check out the first video off the album, I must admit it’s kind of shallow lyrically, but with a catchy hook sung by Rik Rok, a classic Jamaican beat and lots of beautiful ladies as eye candy how can you not like this song and video, especially for a party vibe.

…”sweet girl, your the only one for me the only one that has my heart, there’s no need to stray our love is like a perfect work of art, ain’t no need to loose your cool you really got to play it smart“…

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9 thoughts on “Shaggy Intoxication Album and Bonafide Girl Video

  1. @ Leon…I dont even consider theor junk ‘music’

    @ Taylor…rock is life!…but a lil sprinkling of other genres is also good

    @ betshopboy…yup he is also a fashion idol for me ^_^

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