Enjoying Xbox Live

Microsoft is now a major player in the console gaming market, but they had to fight long and hard for the recognition. One area that they have made their name is in the area of online play. I give then top ratings for the Xbox Live experience and with games Like Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Gears of War, just to name a few; logging on for a couple hours each week is an experience I look forward to.

I’ve been an Halo 3 addict since I got my hands on it, but it seems my addiction will have to wait a little because my 1 month free of Xbox Live Gold Membership expired on November 5 -_-. Call of Duty 4 is out and from the little I saw from a “not to legal copy” on a modified Xbox 360 being played it’s a must buy. Keeping my fingers crossed that the legal copies will arrive this weekend for the Area 51 Video Games Arcade.

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My New Xbox Live Gamer tag

My new Gamer Tag that was only used to take advantage of a free month is now going to be my main gamer Tag, replacing the old Taino101. I’ll be renewing it this weekend and will be at Area 51 playing Halo 3 this Sunday…and if I’m Lucky COD4 as well!!!!

My Old Xbox Live gamer Tag

Buh bye Taino101, I’ve been building up my Spartan in Halo 3 on Xbox Live with my free month under Infidel101, I can’t transfer my scores to you so it seems you will be gathering dust eternally.

Anybody else on Xbox Live or has played over it? If yes add me to your friends list!

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6 thoughts on “Enjoying Xbox Live

  1. I heard that game is quite fun, its a young lady who gets paid to play certain games before dem come out…I like ur new name better, its more you. Someone is pretty excited about these games huh & u have ur weekend planned out with Halo 3 & COD4 I see lol cool.

  2. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about XBox Live but haven’t got the chance to experience it for myself.

    I just read COD4 game review and it looks like another must-play game added to my list!

    Wow! This is crazy!

  3. I have never experienced this online multilayer game on these advanced consoles.The closest I have been is online monopoly, domino and chess!

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