Super Smash Bros Ridley Amiibo

I have stayed away from the buzz around Amiibo for a long time. I didn’t own a Nintendo Switch until recently and I really thought something so small and cheap was just a money grab by Nintendo. I now own a Switch and have had the opportunity to see how Amiibos have exploded. My good friend Azad here in Japan owns quite a few and I was able to really take a look at his collection and fully understand that Amiibo aren’t Pokemon and I don’t have to get them all.

Ridley Amiibo

The beginning of an Amiibo Addition?

I decided to start collecting the ones that appeal to me – and those who know me know of my love of all things Metroid. So scrolling through a local collectors shop and deciding on my first Amiibo really came down to which Metroid-related one. For a split second, I was tempted to get one related to Fire Emblem as I am playing Three Houses now but when I saw the Ridley Amiibo I just couldn’t put him down. So here we are now, me having my first Amiibo and plotting how I will be able to get moar!

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Ridley Amiibo box

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ridley Amiibo

This version of Ridley is the one that debuted in Super Smash Bros Ultimate – I don’t even own SSBU but I am a huge Ridley fan, so here I am now with a Ridley Amiibo. I recently mentioned him (and some of his backstory) in my post comparing Sekiro Shadows Die Twice to Super Metroid.

ridley with pokemon

Do you own any Amiibo from Nintendo or a Nintendo Switch, thinking of getting any? Guess what is at the top of my list and WILL be the next Amiibo I grab? Let’s chat about them in a comment below or tweet me @Jamaipanese.