New Nintendo Switch

At long last, I have joined the Nintendo Switch club after taking advantage of an Amazon Japan Prime day deal.

Bitter about a new model coming soon

My PS4 now has company! Arguably the hottest console out now is the Nintendo Switch and I finally decided to make the jump and buy one. Never mind that literally days after buying one I am now hearing of an updated model with improved battery life releasing in a few weeks but alas that is just my luck.

Nintendo Switch

The deal I got included the Nintendo Switch, a carrying case with screen protector and cleaning cloth, a 128gb MicroSD memory card and a 3000 yen coupon for the Nintendo e-shop all for 37,000 yen. Looking past my bitterness about the new model, I am happy with the purchase with Fire Emblem Three Houses being the biggest reason I decided to buy a switch now! I need to get used to the system, slowly expand my game catalogue with big hits like Smash Brothers Ultimate, Breath of the Wild and others all on my radar.

Nintendo Switch joycon

If you already own a switch tell me what is your favourite or most recommended game in a comment below and Tweet me your friend codes @Jamaipanese on Twitter. Look out for gaming streams as I combine this with my Elgato for some streaming fun

Nintendo Switch with figures

Happy gaming.