Internal ramblings related to Coronavirus/COVID-19

This Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has become quite the global disaster affecting every corner of the globe. Diseases affecting and threatening to the globe have become frighteningly frequent – SARS, H1N1, Ebola and Zika are just a few that comes to mind. Global pandemics are not new but the march of globalism and a connected world is making them spread faster. Needless to say, I have been very concerned and although there are no confirmed cases near me (at the time of writing this) my homeland of Jamaica now has 44 cases with over a million people worldwide infected and tens of thousands dead with many more at risk.


So what has been going on in my head as I absorb and react to the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19? In the early days, I jokingly likened it to the opening days of a post-apocalyptic movie with governments ignoring the warnings of experts and making terrible decisions that only make things worst. Fast forward only a few weeks and things are truly about to proverbially hit the fan – I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Godzilla jumped out of Tokyo Bay tomorrow, but alas here are my internal ramblings;

  • Tribalism, Otherism, Racism etc seems to have jumped out of so many people, communities and governments – so much for global friendships and co-operation.
  • Some people need to just shut the f*ck up – everybody is an expert, everybody has something to say or something to criticize. Now more than ever some of us need to remain quiet and ensure our contributions are helping and not hurting.
  • We are so disobedient – Italians booking holidays, students going on spring break, travellers refusing to quarantine, Japanese having hanamis and riding packed trains, Jamaicans ignoring curfew. A part of me sides with the Indian police graciously handing out baton swipes to some of the morons.
  • Some of us feel we are so safe and beyond the troubles of the plebs below us – Corona is infecting (and killing) the rich and poor alike, the famous and the unknown, royalty and the peasants. So stay there held up in your palace with 2 years worth of toilet paper Karen.
  • Make no mistake, things are SERIOUS, however, there has been some comedy gold arising around this disaster in the form of memes, videos and more.
  • Speaking of comedy – it seems the zombie apocalypse might not have actual zombies? At least not in the form we are used to seeing in pop culture. The informal definition is “a person who is or appears lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings” seeing any parallels? no? just me? OK!
  • How can the world return to normal after this? Will we learn? will we cooperate less or more? How will the power dynamics of the world change? There is no doubt that this will NOT be the last global health emergency we will have to face. I’m being positive and hoping we learn and cooperate because the other option is regression.
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Thank you for reading. I might update this post with more of my Coronavirus mental vomit as time progresses – for now – Wash your hands, practice social distancing, follow the instructions of the actual experts and love thy neighbour as thyself. Tweet me @Jamaipanese or leave a comment below with your own thoughts and hoe the coronavirus is affecting you.

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