PS4 Power Supply – Fixing my broken console

At some point between climbing Mount Fuji and buying a Nintendo Switch my PS4 either got lonely or jealous and decided to stop working. If I am realistic though it prolly was the heat of summer or maybe an electric surge because the damn thing stopped working. From doing research it seems it was the power supply – a common problem in PS4 consoles apparently – so I sent it to Sony Japan thinking they would fix it right? Wrong!

replace PS4 Power Supply
replacing a PS4 power supply is easy

Fix it yourself!

They sent it back and said they can only fix PS4 consoles from Japan but seeing that I brought mine to Japan from the “West” their repair center couldn’t fix it – I was so angry. So I went about doing the research to see how I could fix it myself. Couldn’t be that hard right? Although I haven’t fixed any gadgets recently, I used to for extra cash over a decade ago.

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PS4 Power Supply broken?

So what do you do if your PS4 starts acting up like mine? You press the power button it lights up but turns off after a few seconds or doesn’t respond at all?

  • Find out your PS4 Model – at the back
  • Buy the corresponding model’s power supply – I got mine from Amazon
  • Follow a tutorial on Youtube and replace the power supply – I followed this one
  • Hope that it works! – it should
  • If you have questions contact me, leave a comment or Tweet me

Watch me play games on Mixer

Now I can enjoy the last year of my PS4’s life as I look forward to grabbing he PS5 Day one next year. There are some amazing games coming out between now and next year and I already am missing out on Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Lets get back to some gaming. Join me as I stream on Mixer at and I’m always tweeting @Jamaipanese.

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