One Year Since Garo Died

Its been one year since Garo died in that awful bike accident. Today was an overcast and gloomy day and me and my coworkers spend most of it reminiscing on his positive memories. All of his friends will be coming together this coming Sunday to play the sport he dominated us all in; football. Garfield was an excellent football player and I feel that is a fitting tribute to his memory and a great idea for an upbeat get-together, plus I don’t mind all the food that will be there after the ball games and all the girls that will be showing up.

Garfield “Garo” Gray

After football his skill was with the ladies, so I am sure there might be a couple needing a shoulder to cry on or a β€œwanna-be” Garfield trying to score some goals on the field to cheer for. The last time I played some football it was because my boredom was at an all time high because I had no electricity for the first couple days following Hurricane Dean.

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  1. @ Jenny…no need to post your spammish comment more than once -_-

    @ David….he was a great person, wish I had a cam to take pics of the get together on Sunday

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