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It’s Friday, I had a huge late lunch and I am counting down the time for me to leave work. I was as unproductive as ever, spending most of my time browsing the internet. Below are some of the Japan related news items I ran through, thought I’d share some of the more crazy ones mixed in with useful information.

Policeman shot in butt with own gun while battling porn vending machine bandits

A police officer is in a serious condition after being shot in the buttocks with his own pistol while scuffling with porno vending machine thieves…read more (must have been an “epic” battle)

Japan Considers the Eurofighter

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Japan is considering buying Eurofighter Typhoons to replace part of its ageing air force fleet, Defence Minister Shigeru Ishiba said in an interview on Wednesday…read more

Japan’s best bottom competition

The winner of ‘Japan’s best bottom’ competition 18-year-old Kaho Watanabe, who plans to lift Japan’s image from the bottom up, heads to Germany later this month for the global finals in Munich…read more

Half of Asia’s Richest People From Japan

The report found there were 2.6 million High Net Worth Individuals across Asia, and more than 1.47 million Japanese belong to the region’s High Net Worth Individuals…read more

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Maid Computer Case

Do you have a maid fetish or do you just want a cool unique computer case? Well if you want a computer case shaped like part of a maid’s body you can buy one for 35,000 yen in Japan!..read more


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  1. Nice news! Like the computer case. As for the best bottom, well, not impressed. I can pick a Jamaican girl at random and she could beat her.

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