Interesting Fall 2007 Anime

The spring and summer anime season has come and gone leaving many memorable anime series for us anime fanatics to enjoy for a long time to come, but the anime machine over in Japan will not slow down and as expected will unload a plethora of new anime series this fall. Anime covers many genres, art styles and age groups so not all anime will be attractive to all anime fans so below I have chosen the top 5 series I am looking forward to personally and these are the series I am most likely to blog about. I still have numerous seasons I need to finish watching such as Bokurano, Heroic Age and Seirei no Moribito just to name a few, but who says I cant jump into a few new series as well ^_^.

On that topic, I’ve also just bought some amazing Attack on Titan posters for my bedroom to celebrate my awesome obsession for Attack on Titan ^_^. But still, we always love a new series, so let’s jump straight into what I’m excited for:

Night Wizard

Ive only seen the trailer for Night Wizard and a few images over at the official site but it already has a few things I like in certain anime. Swords, magic, mythical creatures, decent animation and a beautiful female with an oversized weapon, I cant wait.



Dragonaut The Resonance

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From the trailer and expectations of other anime fans Dragonaut The Resonance looks as if it will be a great action anime, of all the five this is the one I am least looking forward to but a huge mechanized dragon is always welcome in anime, arent they?


Shakugan no Shana II

I didnt watch the first season so I will definitely have to watch that first to fully understand Shakugan no Shana II, but from the short trailer it looks decently interesting and worth the honour of helping to ensure that I am never bored or in need of anime to watch.


Jyuushin Enbu  Hero Tales

Firstly I dont like the animation but after giving Guardian of the Sacred Spirit a test run and loving in more and more with each episode I decided to give another historic, fantasy, action anime a spin this season, Jyuushin Enbu Hero Tales is that lucky anime.


Gundam 00

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No surprise there huh? Gundam is to anime like what Star Trek is to futuristic Space exploration. I wonder which anime lover, Gundam fanatic or not is not looking forward to the new Gundam series? The trailer and official site is oozing with Gundam goodness and after months of waiting it is now only a few days away.

Gundam-00 (1)

Honourable mentions and Substitutes

Other than the big three above there are a few others I am looking forward to that will act as substitutes in case any of the above turn out awful or dont get translated fast enough by a reputable fan subbing group. All are interesting and might just still make my must watch list; Rental Magica, Maple Story, Ghost Hound, Moyashimon, Ef – A Tale of Memories.

high five to Novastorm, Subculture and Scrumptious anime bloggers for excellent fall preview write ups!

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  1. I got very curious about a couple of them, even though i’m a great anime fan I never shared the gundam likeness as most people, i’m just wierd I guess, hero’s tale seems preety good of what I’ve seen and I’m surely going to check Night Wizard and Dragonaut the resonance. thanks for the Ideas.

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