Christmas shopping help has arrived

We are just beginning October but if you are smart (like me) you should already have you Christmas plans and gift ideas written down and planned for. Right now I am stockpiling cash in my paypal account, working hard to raise my limit on my secured credit card and staying on top of all deals, especially related to online shopping. This year I’ll probably be spending 90% of my gift buying income online and to ensure I get the best deals and coupons which will end up saving me a couple hundred bucks I have a secret weapon, that weapon is

I am already eying a notebook for my younger sisters using a Dell coupon and I plan to get my Mom into the 21st century with an MP3 player by getting a discount using a coupon. That’s just my immediate family members shopping list but my tips to you are start planning, budgeting and shopping early and always check for and use coupons.

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