Nesbeth – My Dream (Look at me now)

So I am tired, frustrated and reluctantly dragging myself to school after work, squished into a route taxi, in traffic, rain is pouring and there is no air conditioning. Then a track comes on the radio with a memorable intro, an infectious beat and lyrics that empowers me; having me feeling like Mario when he receives a power-up star. Before I know it I am humming the tune, continuously feeding of that energy that takes me through 3 hours of class and the trip home.


The Message is Clear

That song is “My Dream” by Jamaican artist Nesbeth; its been two weeks since I heard the track and I am still on a high. The lyrics and message is clear – continue to be motivated and work hard even in the face of various forms of adversity and personal challenges plus be grateful and never forget these experiences as you help others when you are in a position to do so.

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Thank you Nesbeth