My University “Adventure” Continues

Last time you heard about my college “adventure” I was starting my third year. Time has flown by and its been over a year since my last update. I am crossing my fingers as I enter the home stretch with the goal of completing my undergrad studies by August 2016. I just completed another set of final exams for yet another semester and guess who is happy?

Good grades but no life

The last year has been turbulent as it relates to my college life. On one side I’ve been getting my best grades while on the other hand I have been enduring a tightening noose. A noose that is squeezing my friendships, my finances, my body and most of all my mind. Full-time work and studies is difficult and I salute all who have done it, cheer on those doing it now and revivify those planning to take the plunge.

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Thoughts on best and worst days

On my best days I imagine the pressure building when released at the end will propel me into orbit, on my worst days I question if these sacrifices will be worth it. Still, I carry on reminding myself why, and being grateful for the support of those close to me.