Loot Crate – August 2013 – “CAKE”

Its been four months since I received my first Lootcrate and although I skipped out on a couple crates I decided to get the one year anniversary Lootcrate as I expected that there would be some really awesome items inside that I didn’t want to miss out on.

Lootcrate Box
Lootcrate – August 2013 – “CAKE”

Not very celebratory but there are Zombies so all is forgiven

I must admit that I am somewhat disappointed that there wasn’t a more “anniversary” or “celebratory” theme to this month’s lootcrate but the items were mostly very cool. Instead of a card showing the items contained in the lootcrate there was now a magazine with awesome photos as well as some interesting information about the mega crate up for grabs. Unfortunately I do not qualify for the mega crate drawing but anybody who won one of those Portal themed mega creates is very lucky.

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Walking Dead - Zombie Child - 6
The only thing creepier than a regular zombie is a child zombie

Unboxing Video and Item List

So what did I receive in the August 2013 Lootcrate that is under the theme “CAKE”? I’ve listed ’em below in order of their awesomesauce. Check out my unboxing video (and subscribe to my Youtube Channel!) below as well as checking out lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures of each item!

  • AMC Walking Dead Mystery Vinyl Figure
  • $5 Off Shirt WOOT! Discount Card
  • Loot Crate Portal Themed Sticker Set
  • Shirt WOOT! Caffeine Power Up T-Shirt
  • Jelly Belly Pyramid
  • Aperture Laboratories Lanyard
  • Aperture Laboratories Test Subject Wristband
  • Aperture Laboratories Temporary Tattoo
  • Loot Crate Mini-Magazine – 1st issue
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Lootcrate August 2013 - Cake
Items in the August 2013 Lootcrate
Aperture Labretories - Portal 2
Aperture Labs lanyard and and wristband
Shirt Woot $5 off
$5 off ShirtWOOT! coupon card
AMC Walking Dead Vinyl Figure
Some of the vinyl figures you can get out of the Walking Dead mystery box
Lootcrate magazine cake
Issue one of the Lootcrate Magazine
Walking Dead - Zombie Child - 4
Bunny wabbit bedside slippers and a teddy bear hostage… poor teddy bear…
Jelly Belly Beans
Jelly Belly jellybeans
Lootcrate magazine issue 1
A useful quote in the lootcrate magazine
Shirt Woot Coffee T-Shirt
nice shirt, too bad its XL and I wear medium…


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