Life after Hurricane Dean

My first post Hurricane Dean blog post was made from work and now I am happy to report that after three and a half days without electricity at home it finally returned less than a hour ago. I have reattached my interface device to the world via the internet and I am looking forward to my first cold beverage in 3 days. Slowly but surely my beloved homeland of Jamaica is returning to normal and I am happy because the damage could have been far worse. So for a second time, bye bye Hurricane Dean and any future hurricane planning to pass through this season please turn back, you can check out the names of any news storms that will for for 2007.

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As promised here are some post Dean blog posts from fellow Jamaican bloggers.

Stunner has some cool Hurricane Dean Videos he took himself at work
Leon gives his thoughts on the aftermath of Dean
Taylor continues with his Ninja Rain antics, now with pictures
Mad Bull talks about his experience with Dean from a distance

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  1. Jamaipanese….I have spent the last few days listening to talk shows and reading, in between work..soon start blogging again. I just have so much to say and trying to mentally put it together. But you are right..the BS has started again.

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