Hurricane Dean – There is no doubt about the hit now

For the last 3 or so days i have followed the development of dean from way out off the coast of West Africa and now it’s right at my doorstep. I’m busy preparing for the storm while enjoying the bright beautiful sunshine outside and watching all my neighbours buzzing around like bees securing our hive of a community. Who would have thought that when I made a post of the origins of the word “Hurricane” as well as the Hurricane names for 2007 that Dean would have been the first one to pay us a visit.

It’s the middle of the month, I am broke, it’s two weeks before school reopens and a little bit over a week before elections. I just hope the storm doesn’t affect us too badly for too long, I can still remember how Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Emily blasted us back to the stone age for a couple days.


This is my last post till after the storm, too bad I don’t have a digital camera to share pics with my visitors from overseas but I will try to source other pics from my friends. See you soon, I am going to continue my preparations for a rather rowdy visitor who is on his way – Dean.

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