Let the Games Begin! Beijing Olympic Officially Starts today

After many year of waiting I’m here watching the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games on TV. The ceremony has been breathtaking so far and it’s not at the point where the various countries are being announced and paraded before the world.

Team Jamaica during the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

Jamaica will be participating mainly in the sprints but we also have competitors in the field events, swimming and one competitor each in cycling and equestrian. By my estimates I am expecting around 15 medals from the Jamaca team in Beijing and I’ll be losing lots of sleep sitting up and watching the games live!



6 thoughts on “Let the Games Begin! Beijing Olympic Officially Starts today

  1. It was an epic extravaganza of an opening ceremony!

    I’m so looking forward to watching the sprinting events, the swimming events and diving too!

    Singapore’s medal hope lies in our women’s table tennis team, which is ranked 2nd in the world behind China.

  2. Now the real question is should Veronica be allowed to run based on her form coming into the games….. will it be Asafa or Bolt …… LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

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