Independence Day Celebrations 2008 in Jamaica

I ended the post before this one with “I’m looking forward to something spectacular.” as I eagerly counted down the hours until I would be out of the streets absorbing all the Independence day celebrations being planned. I wasn’t just going to sit there and be negative like so many other Jamaicans complaining about “not feeling the Independence holiday spirit”, how can you not feel the spirit if you don’t create it or go where the celebrations are?…and go where the celebrations are I did at a massive Independence Grand Gala at the National Stadium as I joined by my estimations about 50, 000 other Jamaicans as we danced, laughed, shared and enjoyed our 46th year of Independence. It started on time, it ended on time, there were no major incidents and everyone enjoyed the show.

There are more images over on my photoblog as well as a gallery of over 130 pictures I took over at – Jamaica Grand Independence Gala 2008 in Pictures. Can’t wait til next year!

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