Killing my Video Game Blog

My video game blog is a site I started in April 2008 that focused entirely on video games, my experiences playing them and happenings in the gaming industry. Fast forward 18 months and I am putting an end to this blog for various reasons.


When starting my gaming blog I was so serious I had a logo professionally done

Main Reasons

I have found myself having less and less time for video games especially since starting evening classes in September after work hours and focusing more time on helping my younger sister with her studies as she prepares to take an important exam before entering high school next year.

With the economic downturn I had to start thinking seriously on what are some of the things I could do to save money and cut back on expenses. My Nintendo DS and Playstation 2 with most of the games had to be sold and plans to buy a  a huge plasma TV and a Xbox 360 and/or Playstation 3 were quickly shelved, I have even cut my internet connection speed at home from 15 mbps to 10 mbps to save 25% on the bill.

Part of me and my sister’s NDS game collection last year, notice the My Japanese Coach
review I was supposed to write was eaten by a wormhole?

I had saved to build an awesome gaming rig but faulty parts and a burnt out CPU  has left me with $1000+ of computer equipment lying in my room and losing value after a lightening strike which took out my power supply which then took out my expensive processor with it.

With no handheld, computer or updated console available to play games at home and my time at my favourite local video game arcade where I would go to play new games cut from 25 hours a week to less than 5 due to school and other responsibilities my Video game blog had been dying a long slow death for while a while now.

Me playing Bioshock almost 2 years ago when I had a lot more free time

Pulling the Plug

I’ve decided to pull the plug now and make all future video game related posts here since gaming posts were originally here and a gaming post or two a month would not distract from my Jamaica + Japan topics too much. I still plan on getting a PS3 with games like Final Fantasy XIII, Bioshock 2 and Gran Turismo 5 around he corner but it is not a major priority and may still get postponed inevitably. So for now bye bye Infidel Gamer in case my gaming situation vastly improves I’ll keep enough mana to cast a resurrection spell on you in the future. Please provide feedback by voting in the poll below or leaving a comment.

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Evolving Photography Blog

In other news to be explained later my love for photography just keeps growing and growing and there is no way I could put my Photoblog to death but pretty soon it will be evolving! (No not like a Pokemon does). Full details in a later post.