Bioshock – Video game Review

Many argue otherwise but to me Bioshock is the best video game to be released in 2007 in terms of a single player experience. 2007 was a wonderful game for gaming, probably the best year ever, I found myself bombarded with new release after new release especially in the second half of the year, but very few even came close to fun I had (and still have) playing Bioshock.

About the Game

Bioshock is set in the 1960’s in an underwater city secretly built in the middle of Atlantic ocean. The city was build by a rich tycoon named Andrew Ryan who had grand ideas of a land free of political and religious oppression, a land which he also nicknamed “Eden”. Stem cell research from a new species of sea slug resulted in the creation of “Adam” powered by a special but hard to manufacture serum called “Eve” which was used to create “plasmid” which offered various upgrades to any regular human which included everything from eye colour changes, to my personal favourite…shoot fire from your hands ^_^.

Me playing Bioshock and a terrified minor looking on ^_^ at the Area 51 Video Games Arcade

The story of the game is well written and the way in unfolds as the player plays through the games is nothing short of magnificent. Deception, betrayal, moral based decisions, death and more all litter the plot which then literally submerges the player into the world of Rapture and it’s inhabitants. Being the whimp that I am, I couldn’t play this game for extended periods because my senses were so heightened and I was so tense, wondering what monstrosity was around the next corner.

Do you have an Xbox 360 or a capable PC? Buy and play Bioshock, it’s worth every penny!