That delicious Japanese noodle dish called Ramen

Next in line in the long list of things I did for the first time while in Japan is eating that delicious Japanese noodle dish called Ramen. Ramen for me is one of those iconic Japanese dishes I see so much in movies, anime etc that it was a no-brainer when on my second trip to Akihabara I decided to try something else new, fast and tasty. I few days before I had tried and enjoyed a meal at Yoshinoya but Ramen was a whole new ballgame that I nearly fouled out of from the first whistle… oink?

Crossing that pork bridge

What was the problem? I didn’t eat pork, I used to while growing up and I didn’t have a choice but for at least 10 years I had not eaten it not for any religious reason, it was just a personal preference. The Ramen shop I stopped at with my Japanese pal had alternatives but they didn’t look as tasty as the porky stuff and after a few minutes of pondering I decided to reintroduce pork to my digestive system as pigs world-wide cowered in fear.Β Anyway back to the Ramen stuff – I knew I didn’t want anything with an egg in it, neither did I want something that would assault and confuse my taste-buds. My first Tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen came with pork strips, onions, various types of noodlles veges and more.

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Salaryman Slurps

I could barely manage the beast but I amused myself by listening to the slurps of salarymen battling bowls of Ramen around me. I was defeated 2/3 of the way through but retreated with a full stomach after an tasty meal, with all the variations and styles of Ramen available I look forward to future Ramen battles when I visit Japan again.


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  1. I’ve eat few ramens in my life, but none can compare to the flavorsome noodles of the Chinese culinary traditions. I will however try the original ramen in Japan, when I visit next month :) [jamaica]

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