Jamaicans are cooler than Japanese!

Yes, you read right, but I wasn’t the one who unscientifically stated that it was the guys over at CNNGo a special online magazine type website that focuses on major Asian cities. CNNGo writer Barry Neild decided to go global and decide the world’s coolest nationalities. A few nationalities that made the list are rather surprising like Mongolians and Nepalese but others like Japanese and of course the great stereotyped dreadlocks wearing nationals from the coolest island in the world weren’t so surprising. I decided to make a blog posts about this as it’a been a while since one specific article not covering some world event or political topic has sparked so much chatter and commentary in my twitter timeline, facebook feed, local radio and even with my classmates at school, god forbid I go to work my coworkers ask me if I’ve seen the “list”, then it’d truly be an epidemic and I’d have to use broken wear to escape.

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Domannaka Matsuri - Nagoya Japan

Where did Jamaica and Japan place?

Jamaica came in a Number 3 while Japan clocked in at a respectable number 7. To get the full list you’ll have to click here to surf over to the full CNNGO post, thats if you haven’t seen or heard about it already. While you are over there check out the comments section on the said article, depending on your sense of humour you’ll either enjoy a good laugh or join the hunt for Mr Neild’s head. Speaking of comments I’d love to hear what you think in my very own comments section below.

About CNNGo

Launched in September 2009 with a homepage connecting independent websites in six cities — Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo — CNNGo covers travel, lifestyle, personalities and latest trends in the most fascinating and vibrant places in the world.

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17 thoughts on “Jamaicans are cooler than Japanese!

  1. [jamaica] Jamaica needs a few more national events and festivals like Japan and other things to build national pride like more public holidays focusing on Jamaican events and achievements. Too many Jamaicans don’t know how great Jamaica is.

  2. Yeah, I’d like to know who’s ranking these things…

    I don’t know about Jamaica, and would love to visit there, but to me what makes Japan Japan is just how uncool it is. That’s a good thing… It lets gaijin wankers like me stand out and get some extra attention [evil]

  3. i’ve never been to jamaica but i would have ranked it higher than japan (sight unseen – or is that site unseen?) purely based upon bob marley, the caribbean and the ganja. but since sixmats weighed in with the gold painted nipple chick, japan has edged back a bit higher.

    the piccie does remind me of the scene in austin powers: the spy who shagged my where austin is fired upon by vanessa the fembot with breasts camouflaging machine guns:

    Austin: ‘ Machine gun jubblies! How did I miss those, baby? ‘
    Fembot: ‘ Perhaps next time you should try foreplay .’

  4. [surfer] [jamaica]

    It’s true that Jamaica is a cultural power house shining like a beacon in our part of the world but it’s a rather static one. Don’t get me wrong it deserves to be on the list but I can’t understand how it got higher than Japan.

    Japan has not only had far more influence on the world they are literally a country that always has one foot in the future from their social issues to their use of technology. Also, what’s cooler than swords, martial arts, giant robots [anime] , video games [gamer] , anime, and modding everything that isn’t nailed down. [japan]

    Also, wtf.. is a Ghurka? If they are so awesome why is it the first I’m hearing of them.

  5. I’m a big fan of Japan but if given the choice, I would probably visit Jamaica first. Why? Because I know that I can understand the people there and they can understand me. I love the music, the general vibe, and of course Bob Marley. He’s internationally known moreso than any artist from Japan.

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