inter // states by Samuel Cockedey

I am a sucker for time-lapse videos so much so that I am considering doing one for Kingston when I have the right camera equipment. I have blogged about various time-lapses featuring locations all over one of the most popular being static : pulse done by Samuel Cockedey. Samuel’s latest time-lapse featuring Tokyo is called inter // States and is just as cool as static : pulse.

This video was shot in lots of different places in Tokyo such as Shibuya, Ochanamizu, Yotsuya, Rainbow Bridge, Yoyogi, Shin Okubo and Hamamatsusho. I love the street level scenes with the reflections, moving vehicular and pedestrian traffic and the trains! More screens and the video is embedded after the jump.

love the scenes with reflections and trains

Samuel Cockedey  is a French photographer and video artist living and working in Tokyo since 2000, after spending some time in the US as well as in South-East Asia. Check out visit Samuel Cockedey’s website and if you want to learn more about him be sure to read an interview he did recently here.