I am number one on Technorati! ^_^

It might be a glitch but Jamaipanese.com is now the number one ranked blog on Technorati. Please excuse me while I bask in my glitchfully acquired fame. Right now all blogs listed on the site is ranked number one but please do not point out the useless piece of information to me and join me and Rori in our happy dance ^_^.


For those who have not yet done so, please add me to your technorati favorites and subscribe to my RSS feed to stay up to date with updates to this blog.

Technorati’s True “Top Blogs”


Derek Gordon has explained what happened that caused the glitch a few days ago and jokes about the entertaining posts made about the problem.
Read it here

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6 thoughts on “I am number one on Technorati! ^_^

  1. :(
    Now that I see so many people writing about it, I feel dumb because I thought to be the only one to write about it :-)

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