Heroes – first 10 episodes recap

It’s been over two months or 10 episodes since I first got entangled in the sci-fi goodness of what is the biggest new prime time show of the season; NBC’s Heroes which airs every Monday night. Just on episode is left for the mid season break for Christmas and I am itching to comment on what has been happening over the first 10 episodes. Firstly, for those who don’t know about the series, Heroes is a serial saga about people all over the world discovering that they have superpowers and trying to deal with how this change affects their lives. It is written by Tim Kring and follows a sci-fi, action/adventure path.


First 10 episode recap.

1. Genesis
The first episode introduces us to most of the main characters as the viewer jumps all over the continental USA and even to Asia. From the first episode I found my favourite character (Hiro Nakamura) and over time I have not regretted that early decision. The episode continues to vaguely detail and unfortunate nuclear catastrophe seemingly engulfing Manhattan.

2. Don’t Look Back
My least favourite so far) it has been criticized by many as just barely advancing the story by introducing one more hero and showing off a little power usage but a few others while remixing many scenes from the first episode. It was obvious to many that this episode was supposed to be a part of a two hour premiere of this new series.

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3. One Giant Leap
The adventures of Hiro and his best friend Ando begins, Sylar is introduced and shows off hints of his power while a son follows the work of his father. Lots of bodies are discovered and it then the episode then ends with someone being cut open!

4. Collision
The mind reader is kidnapped and cataloged. The cheerleader turns into an avenger. Two of the main characters unaware of each others abilities share a hot steamy night. The Hiro and Ando adventures leads them to cheating in Las Vegas and the drug addict paints more trouble for everyone. A katana wielding hero from the future delivers a message to the confused nurse.

5. Hiros
The mind reader puts his power to good use. Hiro and Ando gets into trouble. There is a mysterious fugitive on the loose thus someone needs protection. The professors son gives up and returns to India.

6. Better Halves
Hiro and Andos trouble deepens and Hiro questions his heroism. The cheerleader meets fake parents. The freaky glasses dude aka the face of evil deepens the plot with a surprise revelation. The message from the future is relayed to a confused Hiro and the quest to save the cheerleader begins. The fugitive shows his face.

7. Nothing to Hide
The doppledanger and the fugitive fight over their offspring, the victor takes the prize and runs. Hiro continues to be a Hero. Lots of politics chatter while the save the cheerleader quest continues.

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8. Seven Minutes to Midnight
Back in India someones dreams are being invaded. Hiro sweeps a girl off her feet with his charm who turns out to have abilities of her own. The cheerleader prepares for homecoming unaware of the danger while her father tries his best to do everything to protect her.

9. Homecoming
All hell breaks lose and someone looses their head over it. Sylar wrecks the party and is captured after being hurt. The dream invader is found. The looser of the offspring battle gears up for a rematch while the victor spends time with his trophy. Hiro travels back in time.

10. Six Months Ago
Everything turns back to six months ago for everyone. Some of the story is explained in detail especially as it relates to Sylar and the professor. Light is also revealed on the stories of most of the other main characters.

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