God Eater Japanime Trailer

Watching trailers of upcoming video games is a favourite lazy pastime of mine. During one of those sessions earlier today I surfed into an excellent trailer for an upcoming game called God Eater made by Namco Bandai to be released on the PSP. A good trailer is the perfect way to get potential buyers interested in your game and boy did the over 10 minute long God Eater trailer deliver. Just watching the trailer grabbed my interest enough to have me do a little research on the game which will be a team-based high speed hunting action title similar to Monster Hunter which is a franchise enjoying quite a lot of buzz in Japan now.


Monster Hunter Tri is a title I have been following and since I own a Nintendo Wii I was planning to pick it up when it comes to the west next spring. God Eater has a more futuristic setting and has what looks like a decent cast of characters battling together against increasing difficult enemies, sucking the energy from them to power up their own weapons and armor. Clear 10 minutes in your schedule and sit back and check out the awesome anime style God Eater trailer below, you will not regret it.

I don’t own a PSP but this is the kind of game that could make someone go out and buy one just to play, that is if it ever gets released in the western hemisphere.


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