Games Convention Asia 2007

I wasnt even aware that there was a Games Convention Asia (GCA) 2007, but a fellow blogger and Singapore national Betshopboy was kind enough to drop me a line to share his experience and pictures he took at the event. I must say that I am very impressed by the size and scale of the event and the many exhibitors. This underlines my thought that we here in the west dont even begin to take our gaming as serious as those in Asian countries like South Korea, China, Singapore and of course Japan.

Nintendo was there so you know it was enjoyable ^_^. Here is a sample of the pictures taken by betshopboy and check out his full experience and lots more pictures over at his blog at


The Tokyo Game Show is just around the corner, can you say excited?

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10 thoughts on “Games Convention Asia 2007

  1. hey talking about games which i do enjoy at times ever played psp before i at the moment trying to get to commander rank in socom, anyway check my site on happenings on Asafa sssshhhhh he broke the world record.
    thought you would want to know.

  2. @ Stunner, it’s not too late to be I mean try

    @ bobby..I don’t have a PSP but i know socom is a good game, just posted about the world record as well

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