Asafa Powell lowers 100m record to 9.74 in Italy, video added

Less than an hour into his record breaking feat I have already been bombarded by a phone call, an email and two comments on my blog related to Asafa Powell’s new world record posted today in Italy. I see my new job as Asafa’s critic has already has some effect eh?

Firstly I will say I am proud of him, he has just proved again that he is the fastest man alive. His Osaka 2007 hiccup better be behind him and his growth mentally I hope will be successful or he will just prove my point that he can’t run among the “big boys“. My main point of contention was that he GAVE UP, I mean you can’t just give up because you didn’t win, that’s unforgivable!

Some (my mom and neighbor) have already began to wonder why he never runs big races in Jamaican colours but as soon as the private races with lots of zeros behind the prize money come up he chews through the field faster than minime humping Dr evil‘s Lazer ^_^.

I look forward to the next time he runs with that Gay fellow. I just ordered the Jamaican athletics cult to store away the guillotine because it’s not need right now, but it is not destroyed and will remain polished and operational in case it is needed for future use.

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Did you hear the joke about why Tyson Gay beat Usain and Asafa at the world championships last month? I heard that “Jamaican males don’t feel comfortable with Gays behind them“, now that’s a very good one!

Video of Asafa Powell’s 100m world record 9.74 in Italy