FIFA 2008, a very addictive football video game

I’ve only been playing FIFA 2008 for the Xbox 360 a few weeks now but it has been out since late last year. Now I am sorry I didn’t start playing earlier because the game is so addictive and fun I just can’t stop playing. Electronic Art’s long running and very popular FIFA football series of games is very popular here in Jamaica. Next to track and field football is the next biggest sport here (R.I.P. cricket and the West Indies) and when all other kinds of video game are taboo or looked down upon a FIFA football game can be found everywhere, just yesterday I was at a barbershop watching big, grown, thug acting guys scream like schoolgirls during an excited 4 player FIFA 2008 match.

Footballing Frenzy

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Every well known team is present and accounted for in FIFA 2008. Every player is modeled after their real life counterparts especially star players like Ronaldinho, Malouda, Rooney, Messi, Tevez and Cech. I love the game and I can’t get enough of it and it has taken over from Gears of War as my primary multiplayer game at the Area 51 arcade. With tones of modes, excellent gameplay mechanics and competition in almost limitless supply I see myself playing lots of FIFA 2008 for many weeks to come….well at least until Super Smash Bros Brawl drops on March 9th 2008 ^_^.

Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz

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Recently Jamaica’s national football team kicked off their South Africa 2010 campaign and got back the coach that got us to the world cup finals in France 1998; Rene Simoes, so football is on a high here in Jamaica. I must say, win, lose or draw I am jumping on the reggae boyz bandwagon and they have my support 100%, I’ll be going to a few of their matches and following the road to South Africa 2010 campaign closely.


8 thoughts on “FIFA 2008, a very addictive football video game

  1. I love FIFA, even though I hate sports games. With Simoes at the helm, the Boyz should at least reach farther than they did last time.

  2. How about Pro-Evolution Soccer 2008? Anyone played this game?

    I hardly find time to play games but my friends who don’t blog (& don’t even study @ college) are really positive about this one.

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  3. @ Nick….it’s been a while since I played a winning11 football game

    @ Leon…the boys did well against Costa Rica last Wednesday

    @betshopboy…they better make it to 2010!

    @ Sood…never played it, but heard good things

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