Easter Sunday Photographic Adventures

So on Easter Sunday (April 24, 2011) the coolest Flickr group based in Jamaica had our monthly photography trip. Our main stops where Cool blue Hole – a spot you may remember from the pics last July, A really old Spanish bridge – another spot I have been before but didn’t share pictures here, A Methane spouting mineral spring said to have healing powers by the locals and last but not least the 2011 staging on the Boscobel Air show.

Cool Blue Hole

it should be "COLD" Blue hole and not "cool" blue hole

The last time I went here I had a really bad flu, was high on medication and had to rush my pics before the rains came tumbling down. This time though I was prepared, didn’t have limited time and was fit as a fiddle. I still didn’t swim though but had fun escaping the crowds and getting my shots. This stop produced most of my favourite images of the day.

1 hour and dozens of shots of the fern, I finally got one I liked

Old Spanish Bridge

had to frame out the peeps on the bridge

I’m told that way back in the 17th Century when Jamaica was still a Spanish colony they built this bridge over the White River which was part of a highway that connected the north coast to the then capital Spanish Town. Fast forward 300+ years and you have a beautiful bridge that is a attracting to tubers floating down the river and enjoying the views. It was way more crowded that when we first saw it in 2009 but I still got a couple decent pictures.

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there is something about Jamaicans and swinging, jumping or diving into water

Fire Water!

Water that burns!

A mineral spring way off the beaten track that is said to have healing powers. When I first heard about this spring that could be set on fire the city boy (and geek) in my allowed my brain to generate images of an attraction way more interesting that this hole in the ground turned out to be. I’m not much of a chemistry geek but this article explains why the water burns – too bad many of those people bathing in and drinking the water didn’t know that “strontium is radioactive and should not be consumed.” I used the downtime to take some portrait shots of Mrs Jamaipanese.

Easily my favourite subject to phorograph

Boscobel Air Show

I wasn't even in the plane and my heart stopped during many of the stunts

Our last stop was the Boscobel Air Show 2011. I’ve never been to a air show and if I did I’d more want to see military aircraft. This airshow (the little i saw of it) was somewhat interesting but the lack of a long enough lens to capture the action and having to stare almost directly at the tropical sun made it a frustrating experience. If they ever get something like an F22 Raptor, Euro Jet or even an Apache in the future I’ll be first in line.

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We watched the air show from a little fishing village with a few yachts in the harbour

Wonderful day out

All in all an excellent day, I definitely have to revisit Cool Blue Hole a third time, I took a couple video clips here and there throughout the day. Using a tiny bit of not so good video editing magic I have created the four and a half video synopsis below (minus the Spanish Bridge).Please remember to subscribe to Jamaipanese.com on Youtube!  Check it out and the group shot!

The entire gang!


6 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Photographic Adventures

    1. The skeptic in me didn’t believe so I didn’t touch it, but check out the video you’ll see a pot they put over the fire that started to get really steamy. Some people were bathing in and drinking up the supposedly healing water.

  1. I really enjoyed the photos in this post. They really seem to capture the essence of life. I like how these people seem to be having good, honest, clean fun. That’s something hard to do in today’s world. I can’t believe you managed to resist swimming… That looks like an amazing place to take a dip! The photo of the bridge is pretty nice too. This area looks very relaxing.

    I wonder if I’m getting so worked up about nature photos because I’ve been in NYC for so many months now? So much concrete…. Maybe I need to take a day trip to Central Park at least.

  2. Excellent photos, I love your comment about ‘ Jamaicans and swinging, jumping into water’ that made me laugh because we are like that. Thank you for sharing your photos & video! You did a great job, yuh have a good eye.

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