Celebrating one year of friendship

December 2013 was the month I decided I wanted to trust myself to get another kitten again. Earlier in the year I had excitedly adopted my first ever cat but she unfortunately died in an accident that I blamed myself for. I still get emotional reading about and seeing pictures of “Polar” but feel free to read the blog post I made In loving memory of my calico cat.

Lynxx’s facial expression in this pic cracks me up every time

Fast forward to December 2014 and now Lynxx is the new kitten in town. A almost completely different personality but bringing me and my family just as much joy. I purposely held back on sharing too many pics and videos of Lynxx like I did with my diary of a first-time cat owner series on Youtube when I had Polar.

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I’m sorry are these your clean clothes? I couldn’t resist sleeping on them

In the year I have had Lynxx she has proven to very cantankerous, strong-willed and playful. Whether I am studying for exams, playing video games, hanging clothes on the line or sleeping Lynxx has been my pal and has probably taken just as much care of me as I have of her.


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