ApriPoko – Toshiba’s Remote Controller Companion Robot

If Toshiba has it’s way in a few years we will all have cute remotes that will replace the increasingly complicated bricks we use today. As if reaching and occasionally searching for the remote was not enough it seems the remote will now sit and study how we watch TV, be able to distinguish between different members of a household and ask questions to be better able to serve it’s function of being a replacement for the conventional remote controller.

“Lil Remote Guy”

The ” lil remote guy” is what I am planning to name mine and in keeping with it’s Japanese origins will be super cute and easy to use. Though still in the research and development stage in Toshiba’s research centre in Japan the latest model comes equipped with multiple IR Transmitters for controlling various electronics as well as cameras for face recognition.

Remote Fighting, Missile Launchers and Gundam!

I wonder how it will go when two or more members of a household are fighting over the remote? Will they ask the little guy who he wants to go to or obey. Speaking of fighting I can already imagine my lil remote guy 100 times bigger equipped with a more lethal laser and missile launchers…don’t forget the missile launchers!….thats what you get for watching too much Gundam -_-, season one of Gundam 00 was recently concluded, look out for my review in the coming days.

Your Days are Numbered

Soon just telling my lil remote guy what I want to watch will be too much work and so the next step in the evolution of the remote controller would be some sort of telepathic device that I can control with my thoughts. Beware conventional remote controller, your days are numbered, why not consider a job with Nintendo before the fall of their now ultra popular Nintendo Wii video game system? All that is needed is a minor operation to add internal motion detecting devices.

hi5 to sparkplugged for making me aware of ApriPoko