9 Reasons why I am a huge Game of Thrones Fan

I was tempted to do another “favourite X number of characters from season 4” post similar to the one I did for my 10 Favourite Game of Thrones Characters from Season 2 but alas with half those characters dead I thought it would be best (for my heart) to share a post on some of the reasons why I am a huge Game of Thrones fan. With such a long break until season five  I’m always up for some epic (mostly spoiler free) Game of Thrones chatter on Twitter @Jamaipanese or drop me a a message or a comment below and tell why you like (or dislike) The Game of Thrones TV show. Below you will find 9 Reasons why I am a huge Game of Thrones Fan

1. Dragons

Lets just get the proverbial elephant out of the room first. It is a well-known that dragons are the bacon of the fantasy world. Adding dragons to anything makes it better so if you add three dragons then expect geekgasms when one or more is on-screen. Viserion, Rhaegal and the mighty Drogon are the biggest CG stars of the show and I look forward to how their story continues to develop as they show goes on.


2. Excellent Acting

Game of Thrones has a huge cast and in many ways the likability of a character is dependent on how well it is played on-screen by the actor. It would be easy for a character to get be disliked or even out-shined depending on the actors portrayal but Game of Thrones has been fortunate to have an excellent cast of actors especially the child actors.

3. Strong Female Characters

Too often females in a medieval fantasy settings are seen as helpless and insignificant. Game of Thrones provides a mixture with some excellent female characters, a few damsels in distress and a healthy serving of boobage. Motherhood is a theme explored often in the show and provides some powerful and emotional scenes but while many of the men in the series seem quite 2 dimensional seeking strength, power, glory etc the women offer unparalleled depth and variety.


4. I haven’t read the books (yet)

I’ve had my fair share of battles with book trolls in comment threads, forums, twitter and Facebook but I will categorically state that you do not have to read the books to get invested in and enjoy this television series. I will even argue that not reading the books allows for an unsullied (see what I did there?) experience void of expectations and perpetual comparisons. With that said I intend to read the books eventually.

5. Expansive Plot

A huge cast with multiple story threads and motives all occurring at once is hard to keep track of much less understand. Many Game of Thrones watchers complain about how hard it is to keep track of who is who and what are their motives and relationships with one another. I love the fact that the story is so rich with multiple plots intertwining and interacting that all leads back to very uncomfortable looking iron throne.

6. Epic Deaths

Game of Thrones thrives on building up epic characters (both good and bad) subjecting its viewers to the untimely and most times unexpected death of many a beloved character. Having such a huge cast and expansive plot mans that there is a healthy serving of characters to be poisoned, stabbed, beheaded, impaled, shot with a crossbow, trampled by giants or crushed. Sometimes I think George R. R. Martin is a sick sick man.

7. Stannis Baratheon

Lord of Dragonstone, Lord of Storm’s End, Lord of the Stormlands and the rightful King of Westeros. If I was alive in Westeros I would gladly bend the knee to Stannis and pledge my sword to house Baratheon. He isn’t without his flaws but I’d argue that minus his red-headed witch Stannis would make an excellent king when compared to the other contenders. “Kings have no friends, only subjects and enemies” – Stannis Baratheon

8. Varying Scenery and Attention to detail

I will not call names but far too long have I watched fantasy shows where I could count the different sets on one hand. Game of Thrones takes me to snow-capped mountains, huge deserts, lush forests, more castles than I can count and to the privy of royalty. Costumes, weapons, props, swordplay etc. Minus a few questionable accents I’d say I find the Game of Thrones very believable when watching and that is an advantage a TV show will always have over a book.


9. Mature Storytelling

Flying unicorns, dancing fairies and bubblegum elephants are ok but there comes a time when a show needs a few pairs a boobies (or a couple dozen) a healthy serving of death , destruction a storyline that cannot be understood by the average 6 year old. The kind of storytelling that has you taking notes, researching characters and checking under your bed for whitewalkers before going to sleep every night.